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Crash Team Racer (alternate build of 42141, 1257 parts)
Corvette Sting Ray 1963 (alternate build of 42127, 1227 parts)


Jeep Trailcat 4x4 (alternate build of 42129, 1734 parts)
Unimog U1400 Snowplow (alternate build of 42126, 1266 parts)
Hot Rod Street Sensation (alternate build of 42125, 1329 parts)
McLaren 600LT Spider (alternate build of 42123, 754 parts)
Volvo N10 6x4 Dump Truck (alternate build of 42114, 2041 parts)


Garbage Truck (1294 parts)
Snow Groomer (525 parts)
Vintage Custom Pickup (alternate build of 42111, 988 parts)
American Tow Truck (alternate build of 42108, 1172 parts)